Sometimes we all need some time and space, but for people with special needs it can be hard to express emotions until they hit breaking point. A Padded Room provides a safe environment for the user to release their pent up frustrations, de-escalate and return to a calm state. Padded Safe Rooms are now finding their way into care homes for the elderly, prisons and even mainstream schools, in order to provide a time-out space for those who may need somewhere to get away from overwhelming stimuli, in order to return to a state of calm and continue their day. Depending on your users' needs, Experia provide a range of levels of de-escalation room, from the standard safe padded room, to de-escalation rooms that incorporate calming lighting and sounds to further encourage the relaxation process, up to high-dependency de-escalation rooms incorporating immersive experiences that allow you to tailor distraction therapy to what specifically calms each user.

Experia's soft wall padding is some of the safest on the market: unlike some of our competitors, all our fixings are hidden behind the padding and thoroughly secured to ensure even the most determined user can't damage themselves or the padding whilst in the room. Our floor padding is made from tough composite material that ensures its both stable enough for users and carers to safely walk on, but also provides the soft protection required to prevent injury during de-escalation.

To talk to one of our Sensory Specialists about your requirements, Contact us today. Or why not take a look at the De-escalation Room Packages below, each specially designed to ensure users can de-escalate and release their frustration in an environment where they can't hurt themselves.

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