Interactive Sensory Rooms

Interactive sensory rooms build on the concept of traditional calming sensory rooms and their enticing sensory stimulation, to help users to learn valuable life skills. They enable users to influence their surroundings and receive compelling feedback and rewards. When a user is more emotionally engaged with their lesson they are not only more likely to participate, but are much more likely to then retain the information and skills learnt.

Incorporating switches designed to encourage interaction helps users to develop competences such as cause and effect understanding, colour recognition and switching skills. Interactive sensory rooms can motivate users to interact with not just their surroundings but also fellow humans, teaching social interaction, turn taking and co-operation skills.

Experia's Interactive Sensory Rooms are carefully crafted to consider accessibility. We believe that everyone should be able to use and benefit from our products, regardless of ability. That's why we've created a wide range of switches; from large pushbuttons and colour pads; through the sound switch for users who either only have the ability to speak or who may need the interactive sensory room to encourage vocalisation skills; to soft-play switches such as the Qube or balance beam to develop gross motor skills.

Experia's wall panel equipment also helps to develop skills such as hand-eye co-ordination and tracking skills, as well as shape, number and colour recognition.

The Experia IRiS+ app also means that you can control your IRiS+ interactive sensory room from your smartphone or tablet. With 12 different modes and an extensive scale of sensitivities and control settings, the app can be used by people with a wide variety of abilities. For example, why not place the smartphone flat on a user's wheelchair tray, put it in Compass mode, and enable them to control the effects in the room by spinning themselves around? From cost-effective and space-saving sensory corner set-ups, through larger more intensive interactive sensory rooms, to the coveted MiLE (multisensory interactive learning environment), Experia's range is sure to include something for everyone.

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our sensory advisors, or check out some of our interactive sensory room packages below, each carefully crafted to provide a full and rewarding sensory experience for your users.

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