Calming Sensory Room

The Calming Sensory Room is where it all began: The very first sensory rooms were intended to be calming spaces, and many users still benefit from purely Calming Sensory Rooms today.

A For children, and even adults, with special needs that incorporate difficulties with filtering sensory input, too much external stimulation can become overwhelming. For those with severe learning difficulties or dementia, the frustration caused by the struggle to understand their surroundings can cause a heightened state of anxiety or distress. These scenarios, if left to escalate, can lead to a 'meltdown'.

Calming Sensory Rooms work by providing gentle stimuli to various senses, with the aim of inducing a state of calm. Experia's Calming Sensory Rooms are carefully crafted, incorporating complementary products that work together to produce the most effective calming atmospheres for the users. The mesmerising, slowly changing coloured LED lights and moving projections, gentle sounds of bubbles and relaxing music, provide users with an alternative to their overwhelming thoughts, reducing tension and anxiety.

Having this safe and inviting place to escape to and relax means they can return their minds to a state of calm and continue their day. Calming Sensory Rooms can be a valuable resource in a wide variety of places. They're often found in SEN Schools, and are even making their way into mainstream schools to facilitate those children who need that additional support.

Care Homes, Hospitals and Hospices can benefit from calming sensory rooms to help patients who may become distressed due to their dementia or the apprehension of an impending medical procedure. Community venues that can get very busy, loud and overwhelming for those with hidden disabilities such as autism or dementia can benefit from having a calming sensory room in order to cater to and attract more visitors.

This includes shopping centres, entertainment arenas, football clubs and holiday resorts, where families would ordinarily avoid attending or leave early if there was no safety-net of a calming space in order for their loved one to de-escalate. For those with special needs and sensory processing difficulties, the sound of a motor can be incredibly distracting, and the inability to block out this noise can nullify the effect of a calming sensory room.

This is why Experia's Sensory Equipment is designed to be completely silent, other than the relaxing sounds of the bubbles in a bubble tube or users' choice of relaxing music through our Bluetooth-enabled amplifiers and speakers. As well as being robust and hardwearing in order to cater specifically to the special needs market, everything that Experia manufactures comes with a 3 year warranty and is designed to need minimal maintenance and be simple to use.

Contact us to talk to discuss your needs with one of our Sensory Advisors, or check out the Calming Sensory Room Packages below, specially designed to provide the perfect calming sensory spaces to meet your specific needs.

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