Sensory Pools

Sensory pools make hydrotherapy and movement development more engaging, and the use of carefully planned lighting, projections and atmospherics can encourage even the most reluctant user to be more motivated to enter the pool.

As well as developing physical skills, a sensory pool can be used for a wide variety of activities, including colour and shape recognition, cause and effect understanding, and tracking and switching skills, as well as social interaction and relaxation.

Experia has spent years developing sensory pool systems that can have outstanding benefits for those with special needs. Our knowledge and experience of integrating the best products to create the most impact means that you can be confident that a sensory pool installation* from Experia will not only be safe but provide your users with a myriad of benefits for years to come.

As well as your users being able to control the room with one of our floating switches, our unique IRiS Pool Director software is packed full of pre-programmed themes for all sorts of scenarios, from calming to learning, and even reminiscence, all controllable from the low-voltage, IP-rated touchscreen.

Check out some of our sensory pool ideas, or contact us to speak to one of our Sensory Specialists who can help you to create the perfect sensory pool for your users' needs.

*Experia supplies and installs the sensory equipment to your existing pool.

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